Monday, July 27, 2009

**stuck in the middle**

as if you haven't heard this before, i LOVE shauna glenn. i read her blog every day and have her as a friend on my facebook. IS IT 5 O'CLOCK YET?

this past weekend was BlogHer, a convention for female bloggers. apparently the keynote speaker had quite a story to tell. shauna thought it was extremely hilarious and posted a link to her blog. KNOTTY YARN
on said blog the author posted a video of that speech. i about died watching the video so i thought i would share. enjoy.



Miss Anne said...

THIS made me smile big.
:) thank YOU for sharing it.

i'll say it again... miss ya.


kate said...

next time a warning!!? i had a little boy eating breakfast at the table behind me! hehe...i will watch it later...miss you