Friday, July 10, 2009


it can't be. seriously? noooooo.....

...and high school themed? my worst nightmare! though i do like Kevin and Lydia. i can't wait to see if they align. oh, let's not forget bigtits,oh,imeanLaura. can't stand her.

i am thrilled to have some summer tv. and 3 times a week rocks!



Kambria said...

amen sister! jessie is a big D-I-C-K Head! barf. puke.

Miss Anne said...

Big Brother 11 is the highlight of my summer. I'm pathetic.


p.s. I miss you.

Missy said...

i am a huge BB fan too! Jessie is a meathead jock. I wanted jessica to come back. Love the "outcasts".