Sunday, September 16, 2007

so i hear i'm a slacker

i guess i probably am. life is so different for me that i don't know what to say. i am going at a snail's pace on my school work. roberto is not going to go into the plumbing field after all. which means he is not working. he is home all the time. that is strange. the kids are back in school. i am trying to find a part-time job so we will have a little bit of money coming in.

roberto is going in for carpal-tunnel hand surgery on Tuesday so he will be out of commision for a few weeks. he does have his application in for a job coming open at the Linn County Jail where he has a really good reference of a person who works there. cross your fingers.

on a good note, i have been scrapbooking and that does feel good. i have a bunch of stuff packed up and ready to go. lately i scrap at my friend Anne's house. other than having to haul all my stuff up a flight of stairs it is pretty cool. it's nice to get away. we have a group crop on Saturday that is going to be fun. i am so excited to spend time with the girls from the shop.

i just recently got home from visiting Danea in California. Asa is the cutest. it was great having a baby to love on again. it's been a long time since i changed a diaper and burped a baby. boy, today's moms sure have some cool stuff. i feel so deprived. it was awesome spending time with Danea. it always seems like our time together goes by so fast.

my friend, Miss M., talked about how some bloggers post rosey pictures of their lives on their blogs. that they don't go into their trying or negative times in their lives. i hope that i do both. like she says, it's nice to have a place to get some of it out. here is a picture that shows my mood some days.

peace out.