Sunday, April 27, 2008

remember me???

i'm about 5'4", have hazel-colored eyes, and my weight is....oh, no you don't, you aren't going to get me to tell you that one.

seriously though, things are going well around here. i am doing good, hubby is well, kids are doing great, and the animals are annoying. i do wish we would get some sunshine for more than 36 hours at a time. finally today we planted our sweet pea plants in our front trellis-planters and weeded the back flower beds. i only lost 2 astilbe plants and one hosta. yay! those are easy to replace. i am going to add a few more hosta plants in one of my front flower beds since i have a few open spots. then all i have to do is strategically plant a wave-petunia here and there for color and spread some new bark and i am done.

have you seen these? YUM!! this is my favorite scent though i have others that i like as well. they work great and since i learned that things that are plugged in but aren't being used, like toasters, still use electricity i am switching to these instead of the "glade plug-ins". plus i think in the long run these will be cheaper.

i found a couple really cute websites. looking at various scrapbooker blogs i stumble across the coolest sites. i think this one is great. Three Potato Four These are especially cute. Bottles And this blog. decor8 she finds the coolest sites for design ides that are cool for your home but could also work as inspiration for scrappin'.

we have had a couple proms lately. after seeing these pictures i think i am definately going to try to get a spot in one of karen russell's online photography classes. here is her blog post answering some questions about the class (scroll down a little bit) karen's photo class info and her website specifically for these classes snapshots of a good life well, here are the pics are they are.

cj and his girlfriend, hannah, had a winter prom that had a retro-theme. they went as the "cool sandy" and danny at the end of the movie grease.

sure wish i could have pulled off that red lipstick and those leather pants in high school. she is so dang skinny. what a cutie.

i had to bribe cj to get him to let me grease back his hair. i don't know how the 'greasers' did it everyday.

what a goofball. and guess what they didn't count on? that the dj would be playing 'retro' music at a 'retro' dance. i went and picked them up an hour after hannah's parents dropped them off. all that grease for an hour!! he's lucky he's so cute!

bailey went to the jr/sr prom last weekend. we totally lucked out on finding a dress that she loved right here in albany! no driving around all over the place. thank goodness.

the theme of the prom was masquerade. we rented the mask at the costume loft downtown. they didn't have 'exactly' what she wanted so the girl there made one up just for bailey. it turned out perfect.

all of the girls got a group picture at the dance but here are some pictures of bailey and kelsey after they got ready at our house. i think they looks so beautiful.

peace out.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Evolution of Dance

This totally makes me happy!

I would like to thank the Academy...

for this Shitty-Blogger Award. it means so much to me. i didn't prepare a speech but there are a few people i need to thank. first of all, let me thank my 2 teenagers. without them i would blog more. ha! i would also like to thank mr. laundry. he never fails to build up which prevents me from blogging. ha! of course then there is dinner. always there EVERYDAY!! i would blog more if not for dinner. ha! and most of all i would like to thank mr. TIVO who, without a doubt, keeps me captivated every evening. without TIVO i would blog more. ha! gosh, it feels like i am forgetting someone....oh, i know. ms. school. she is constantly kicking my butt. she has me in the home stretch now, which is turning out to be the hardest part. without her i would blog more. ha!

i'm alive.