Tuesday, June 23, 2009

**i have a sweet friend**

who isn't quite up to snuff. i am so sorry that she is having a little 'spin' of the sickies. take care mama'.

i started school yesterday. i think it went really well. both classes are pretty much a 'work at your own risk'. ha! jk. i was given a syllabus, had purchased a book, told what items needed to be handed in, and when the last day of class was. i have a little bit of a hard time staying on task in situations like these so that is why i opted to get my medical transcription certificate at the college and not in my previous home-study course. if i am thrown in front of the computer and told "go!" i do a lot better. so yesterday the guy yelled "go!" and off i went. i will say this: when did we go from this--

to this--??

boy do i need to get out more. it's quite the handy dandy little thing. learn something new everyday....

i returned home from danea's in one piece. i am too old for the baby stage. her two boys are the best...just loud. ha! i don't remember the middle-of-the-night feedings or the diapers. which btw i avoided the entire whole trip. i got skills baby. asa has got to be one of the most clever children i have ever met. he seems to really think things through and comes up with the best options. he's going to be a lot of fun to watch grow up. i feel really blessed to know asa and odin and be their auntie. i am really anxious to see odin's personality when he gets a little bigger and the interaction between the 2 boys. i experienced the sibling relationship through my own 2 kids, a boy and a girl, so theirs will be a lot different i am sure.

it was great to catch up with danea. i miss having a best friend around. i wish i didn't have to get on a plane to have that. hopefully once odin is a little bit older she can come visit me like she used to. until then we will have to adore each other from afar.

one afternoon on my trip we headed out to anthropologie so danea and i could pick up a couple things i have been coveting on their website. what a store. i think salem should get one....cuz' you know albany never will. danea purchased my birthday present while we were there. i have been wanting these measuring cups for ages.

i also have wanted these measuring spoons so i got them for myself.

anthropologie is located among other great shops all housed in this amazing outdoorish shopping center.

we did a little outdoor shopping for sunglasses. i now have a pair of sunglasses that aren't scratched beyond belief. danea was her silly-as-usual self, odin slept and asa was in love with the water fountain. it was a great afternoon.

i hope all of you are having a great summer so far.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

**what's up**

with me?? not too much. i am just hangin' out here in california at danea's house. and i am updating this blog on my laptop. which i hate. typing on one sucks. i am very glad that i have a keyboard that i plug in to it at home. and a wireless mouse. i don't know how people do it. blech.

why is it that almost as soon as i went to bed on the first night i was missing my kids terribly? i guess you just don't realize how much kids can effect every thing you do. oh, and what else am i missing? my dogs. what's up with that?! to hear my kids tell me, the dogs miss me as well. a little out of sorts. what cuties.

i felt bad leaving cj. he started getting a cold on friday night and it just continued to get worse over the weekend. when i woke him up monday morning to say goodbye he was in full-swing "i feel like shit" mode. his coughing was terrible and he sounded awful. i felt like a bad mom getting on the shuttle to the airport. he has had a couple bad days but sounded better when i talked to him tonite. his dad was at the store getting more nyquil. what sucks about it the most is it was finals week and there is no way he could stay home. he has been a trooper. i am glad tomorrow is the last day of school and it's only a half day.

bailey and her friend kelsie headed out this morning on their post-graduation road trip. their first alone. they are in newport living in my mom & dad's motorhome. mom & dad keep the motorhome parked in the park at the marina from may through august. it's all set up and ready to enjoy. that thing is amazing....better than the average hotel. the girls are going to have a great time. they have some stuff planned to go do while they are there. i love that they are getting away and be on their own. the girls will be home on friday night. she has been keeping me updated so i can worry a little less. lol

some random CA stuff:

  • i think it's hot. danea and jeff don't
  • asa has grown so much since i was here in december. he has been so cute.
  • odin is such a cutie. he is so alert and strong. when you hold his hands he pulls up.
  • danea is still getting meals from the mom's club so we haven't cooked monday or tonite. there is a meal coming on friday, too.
  • i made lemon blossoms today. i think i might try changing the lemon pudding that is in the cake part of them to raspberry. i will make danea dunk them in the glaze since that is what i hate the most.
  • danea helped me with my blog. we still have a couple things to change. i say we like i have anything to add to the process. lol

well, i guess i should head to bed.


Friday, June 05, 2009

Raymond - Sexy Mouse (3D animation, funny)

**and the storm passed**

of course, i knew it was going to happen. it is always crappy weather around my birthday. this was extremely crappy weather. scary even for some. we kept up with the news and had a few conversations with the high school as to whether or not they were going to cancel graduation and reschedule. the first time we called they said they didn't know for sure and to call back in 15 minutes. when we did they told us the district was going to wait out the storm and if worst came to worst they would head out to the stadium and tell us to go home. nice. so we went from this...

to this...

and we came home without being rained on, blown away, or struck by lightning. at least it was an eventful graduation.

graduation was amazing. the valedictorian's speeches were awesome, and i couldn't be more proud of my little girl.

and i am very proud of these 2 as well. congrats becky and kelsie.

one of the best parts of last night was the feeling i got seeing the pride that cj had of bailey. i could tell by the way he talked. some of his friends were there for grads they knew so cj texted them and they came over to sit by us. they stood up and cheered....you know the "guy yell"....loudly....for bailey. for becky and kelsie too. kelsie's family was on the opposite side and when she came down off the stage her counselor pointed in our direction and said "i think your family is on THIS side". gotta' love guy yells. matter of fact the lady in front of us turned around and jokingly asked cj if they could give her a heads up when they were going to cheer again. she jumped a foot when the did it the first time.

my mom told me this morning that when they found bailey in the crowd (we were still looking) she saw cj walk up and give her a huge hug....a really huge hug. i love those two. makes me a little jealous that i didn't have that sibling thing.

alright, proud momma will step down from her soap box. i am all set for tomorrow. the party should be great. the paper showed just clouds, no rain, for tomorrow. keep your fingers crossed. thanks.

have a great weekend!


Thursday, June 04, 2009