Wednesday, June 10, 2009

**what's up**

with me?? not too much. i am just hangin' out here in california at danea's house. and i am updating this blog on my laptop. which i hate. typing on one sucks. i am very glad that i have a keyboard that i plug in to it at home. and a wireless mouse. i don't know how people do it. blech.

why is it that almost as soon as i went to bed on the first night i was missing my kids terribly? i guess you just don't realize how much kids can effect every thing you do. oh, and what else am i missing? my dogs. what's up with that?! to hear my kids tell me, the dogs miss me as well. a little out of sorts. what cuties.

i felt bad leaving cj. he started getting a cold on friday night and it just continued to get worse over the weekend. when i woke him up monday morning to say goodbye he was in full-swing "i feel like shit" mode. his coughing was terrible and he sounded awful. i felt like a bad mom getting on the shuttle to the airport. he has had a couple bad days but sounded better when i talked to him tonite. his dad was at the store getting more nyquil. what sucks about it the most is it was finals week and there is no way he could stay home. he has been a trooper. i am glad tomorrow is the last day of school and it's only a half day.

bailey and her friend kelsie headed out this morning on their post-graduation road trip. their first alone. they are in newport living in my mom & dad's motorhome. mom & dad keep the motorhome parked in the park at the marina from may through august. it's all set up and ready to enjoy. that thing is amazing....better than the average hotel. the girls are going to have a great time. they have some stuff planned to go do while they are there. i love that they are getting away and be on their own. the girls will be home on friday night. she has been keeping me updated so i can worry a little less. lol

some random CA stuff:

  • i think it's hot. danea and jeff don't
  • asa has grown so much since i was here in december. he has been so cute.
  • odin is such a cutie. he is so alert and strong. when you hold his hands he pulls up.
  • danea is still getting meals from the mom's club so we haven't cooked monday or tonite. there is a meal coming on friday, too.
  • i made lemon blossoms today. i think i might try changing the lemon pudding that is in the cake part of them to raspberry. i will make danea dunk them in the glaze since that is what i hate the most.
  • danea helped me with my blog. we still have a couple things to change. i say we like i have anything to add to the process. lol

well, i guess i should head to bed.



Kambria said...

so glad you are able to spend some time with your bff...have a safe trip home.

Miss Anne said...

Yay for you having a great time in Cali!

I just texted CJ, he said he's doing better! :)

Please post pics of stuff from Cali! :)


Missy said...

Yay you! Glad you are having a great time and enjoying your best friend. It is hard to leave the kids anyways, but especially when they are sick! Also hard when kids are old enough and independent enough to go out of their own. Enjoy your time away and bring the sunshine back with you!