Wednesday, February 27, 2008


did you think i had fallen off of it? no, just hanging by the skin of my teeth. i am doing better. things are becoming clearer. thank goodness for the spring-like days. they are wonderful. i just wanted to let those of you who read my blog know what is up. maybe i can let someone else explain it:*

*Bipolar II is a version of Bipolar Disorder: depression is obvious but mild phases of high energy ("hypo-mania"), which can just look like anxiety and insomnia, are also present. This doesn't look at all like "manic-depression", just big mood and energy swings. But Bipolar II can be as severe as other forms of Bipolar Disorder, maybe even more prone to suicide. Bipolar II is an "official" diagnosis in the Bipolar Disorders group.

they are getting ready to shut down this site for maintenance in a few but i will try to blog more from now on. things are lookin' up. =)