Saturday, July 19, 2008

**my name is susanne and**

i am addicted to following blog links.

basic grey fabric
ice cream scoop
mixed tape
makes me wanna have a party
would go perfect in my kitchen
been into owls lately & love these
mad scrappin' skills that make me want to scrap
everyone needs one of these in their town

and other times i find on blogs things that hit me to my core. as i go through my divorce this really speaks to me and lets me be OK with it all.

i eat.
i sleep.
i scrap.
i love.
i refresh.
i drink.
i watch.
i waste.
i make.
i destroy.
i find.
i lose.
i seek.
i search.
i try.
i fail.
i am.
what i am.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

**mexican proverb**

the house alone does not rest upon the ground; but upon a woman.

**a passport and 1000 tears**

i thought i was going to be able to be strong but the tears just came. at one point she told me to quit crying. right now she is 3 hours into a 14 hour flight from St. Paul MN to Europe. be safe baby. love mom.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

**spoiled much??**

my mom took pity on me and got the kids a working computer. i guess she got sick of me freaking out that the kids were going to break my computer with all my pictures on it. now they have a rockin' computer that's better than mine. do you think they would notice if i switched them out during the night?

my baby is leaving for Europe on sunday. i can't believe i am going to pack her up and put her on an international flight to another country. i am so scared. speaking of packing...i kill myself every time i travel to keep my ONE bag under 50 pounds. for international flights your checked bag AND your carry-on together cannot weigh more than 44 pounds. that girl is gonna' have to wear the same frickin' clothes every day. LOL

i finally got my "library" so to speak of medical books that i need to help with the actual transcribing of doctor's notes. it was like the first day of college when you go buy your books. it was so cool! i was/am one of those geeks that loved the first day of school, school supplies, and buying the stacks of books that you needed when you registered for college. my favorite line in any movie is in you've got mail when tom hanks says to meg ryan in his email "i would send you a bouquet of newly sharpend pencils if i knew your name and address." go ahead, call me a geek and laugh. i'll wait.

anyway, here are the books i got:

  • Medical Abbreviations & EPONYMS

  • Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses

  • Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary

  • The AAMT Book of Style for Medical Transcription

  • a really good regular dictionary


the weather has been gorgeous lately. it really helps my mood. i have been fussing over my planters and they are so awesome. except one that i think i burned a little but with too much fertilizer. oops. my dad came over on sunday with his super edger and made the front lawn look great. at least the edges look great. the color is awful. if i have to kill and reseed that bad boy i am going to stick needles in my eyes!

see the progress on one of my planters? i am so proud of this baby! i just look at it and smile! i think the big pink geranium in the middle is my favorite.


Thursday, July 03, 2008


i stumbled across this line when i followed a link that was posted on a friend's site to Dept.56. i LOVE these!

and these.

and i need these to go with those.

and for my cake divas Sara and Anne these are to die for!!

as per usual they aren't cheap!


**he switches it up so dang fast!**