Wednesday, January 28, 2009

**because i know**

everything! no, just kiding. i know from experience of taking multiple classes from Karen Russell that she is amazing. her products are great and her passion for photography is way cool.

she is going to quit teaching for awhile (sad face) and therefore won't have class kits to sell on her blog. i have purchased kits from her this way and they are stuffed with cool products to finish the project (which includes great instuctions on a CD or PDF file) and have lots of fun stuff left over.

so why am i telling you this? i propose that we should all buy a kit and have a "class" together. pick a day, get together, have our kit and pictures ready, and complete our projects. what'cha think? here is the link to the class kit:



Tuesday, January 27, 2009

**can't stop laughing""

found this web-site from a post on the Pioneer Woman's site. i can't wait to show it to the kids when they get home.

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

**called out**

my friend sara wants me to share 5 items that i am addicted to. well i will say is that we should be neighbors because we share a few addictions.

without a doubt the internet is a staple in our house. it amazes me how we freak out when it is down. it's sad really.

i don't stop at scrapbook paper. no baby, i like ALL the scrap supplies! looking at them just makes me happy.

we have 2 tivos and both of them can record 2 shows at once. that's crazy! but the best ever!

i love kitchen knives. all sizes. i just recently got the best sharpener and i love it. nothing is worse than a dull knife.

old navy long rib-knit tanks. i love these for layering. i wear them year round. i wear them in the winter with a zip-front sweatshirt around the house. so comfy. throw on some flannel jammie bottoms and my slippers and i am set!

now i get to tag five:

**paging Kambria**

did you see this?

the farm chicks antique show

check the date. that's my birthday. how fun might that be??

here are pics from last year's show:

sweet addie vintage

possible road trip anyone?

Monday, January 12, 2009

**i guess i am a cry baby**

but this really had my going. i love it.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

**the lady on the bench**

this post from a blog that i visit really had me cracking up this morning. i guess i woke up on the dorky side of the bed.

the junk drawer


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday, January 09, 2009

**to quote a few**

"i die"
check out this etsy seller! a girl's room would rock this!

i'm gathering that a dear friend might need this:

and because weight seems to be on everyone's mind:


Sunday, January 04, 2009

**shit i'm old**

found this on another blog (

Was MTV your Disney Channel?
Answer these questions to find out:

If a 3-D drawn hand beckoned to you from the comic book you were reading, would you follow it into the comic book?

Would you be amenable to a make-over by the ZZ Top girls?

Do you love, hate, or want to be Martha Quinn?

Who's more down home, John Cougar or Bruce Springsteen?

Who would win in a fight, John Cougar or Spandeau Ballet? (hahahahah, just joking.)

Who would you be more afraid to date in 1980, Michael Jackson or David Lee Roth? How about in 2008?

Who should teach your 6th grade Maturation program, Tawny Kitaen or Boy George? (Tawny would have more facts but Boy George would probably be more tactful).

What cautionary tale encourages chastity? Angel is the Centerfold, Billie Jean, or Jack and Diane?

Who wore high wasted pegged cargo pants better: Simon Le Bon or Sting?

Who is more suicidal: Robert Smith of The Cure or Morrisey?

Whose headbands are flashier: Olivia Newton John's or Clarence Clemons' of the E Street Band?

Who is more exquisite, Janet or Michael Jackson?

Which video best describes your academic experiences: Hot for Teacher or Don't Stand So Close to Me?

Who do you want on your team, Siouxsie or Sinead? (Trick question--the correct answer is Blondie.)

Who would you restore to their 80s prime: Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson?

reading some of these names sent me over to youTube to watch videos. we've come a long way for sure. does MTv show actual videos anymore?? here's a blast from the past. still one of my fave's.

**to finish off the week**

this christmas turned out to be a quiet one for sure. definately an adjustment. i guess that was to be expected. it was nice though. cj got his itouch that he has been bugging me about for months. now i don't have to listen to that. bailey got one of the new ipods in a cool blue color. of course books, dvds, and itune cards rounded out the rest.

i got this:

and this:

dear sweet anne made me the most amazing painting. i can't express how special this is to me. it is one of THE most thoughtful gifts i have ever received.

the poem reads: this home
we do second chances.
we disagree.
we do mistakes.
we do "i'm sorry's".
we do loud...really well.
we do hugs.
we do family.
we do

i am going to have it framed in black and hang it in my living room. it's the perfect colors and the perfect fit for our family. it couldn't be said any better.

xmas at my mom's was nice.

i finally got all of my xmas decorations down, packed awesomely, and stored in the garage. i was kind of sad to see a few of them put away. silly.

we organized the garage to make room for the tables and chairs that i held onto from the shop. my dad had been storing them in his garage/workshop but he was needing the room so he brought them over. plus we are moving cj's weight bench to the garage from his room. he really doesn't have enough room for it in there and his grandma bought new furniture and gave him a great black leather recliner so he is going to put that in there. what a chair for gaming!

mom helped me get all of the new bedding on my bed since i switched from a king to a queen bed. it took a little bit since she insisted that the bedskirt needed to be ironed. why?? i would have just put it on there. hmmm. my brother-in-law came over and hung my tv on the wall in there and that cleared up some space on the top of my dresser. so now my room is finished.

bailey got new bedding for her room for christmas. we got all of that put on and it looks great. we took her room from young-teen to a little bit of an older look. i like it a lot better. it's very pretty and matches her paint colors so well.

we made a huge run to Goodwill. you should have seen the line of cars there making donations! apparently there must be a lot of people getting organized for the new year. it is a great feeling.

so it was definately a productive day yesterday and it kicked my ass but it's nice to have those things done. for the bazillionth time i will say that i still need to get my scraproom cleaned up. i have grand plans and they never get finished. it's so frustrating but i guess there is always tomorrow for that. =) hee hee

so to start the week out laughing here is some fun:

Friday, January 02, 2009